Can't unsubscribe from JOBFOX.

Dayton, Ohio 1 comment

My computer is like my home--I should decide who comes in, who doesn't, and I should be able to ask people to leave when they overstay their welcome.Unsubscribe abilities should be the law.

The caregory I signed under to look for employment does not work, instead it gives jobs that have "key words" that wereb in the request for category and nature of the job I was seeking.

It is useless to me and I don't even want to spend the time clicking it to "delete" when I turn my computer on.I'm going to "spam it" when I finish thsw .



how do you unsubscribe from Jobfox?

JobFox - Won't unsubscribe

Miami, Florida 1 comment
Not resolved

I've opted out several times over the last few months, and no matter how many times I do this, JobFox won't respect it.Instead of leaving me alone, they continue to send emails-- no matter how many times unsubscribe.

Ironically, they advertise themselves as knowing what it takes to help you land a job. Considering they don't even understand how to *not* alienate potential customers, I find this a little on the hard to believe side.

Honestly, it is a little on the annoying side.There should be a place in *** reserved for companies that do this.

Review about: Resume Service.



I have tried many times to unsubscribe from these jerks. What do they think they will gain by being so annoying?

Jobfox is a Scam

Washington, District Of Columbia 2 comments

Lately I got a resume critique from Jobfox. The resume robot ripped me a new one about my resume. I am so upset by the way they criticized me so I called up the number of my resume writer. That was 10 days ago and all I have been able to get is an answering machine. But lately I got tons of emails from Jobfox trying for me to have a resume writer. Now I know why they were so critical of my resume.

I think that sort of tactic is not very nice for people out of a job. I don't got $400 to have a resume written even if I get the private service and cover letter.

Jobfox scams people. On the internet all of the sites that are positive for Jobfox are from Jobfox people created web sites to make them look good. It's funny that there are so many complaints out there about Jobfox but all of the websites that are created by Jobfox have good reviews.

I do not like it when I feel I have been scammed and I feel like I have by Jobfox.


Spring, Texas, United States #597472

Just use those comments to re-create your resume for free.They ripped me a new one too.

And YES my feelings were hurt. Then I took their (FREE) suggestions and created a well written resume.

But, I totally agree, it isn't right the way they present the comments.

This has scam written all over it.Try to make the best of it.


I agree.Jobfox is still a scam.

If they have to try to redeem themselves by setting up web sites saying they are not a scam then there must be a problem.

Every site with good reviews has been created by Jobfox.

Yes, I am a pissed consumer.

Never use JobFox resume writing service

West Springfield, Massachusetts 1 comment

JobFox promised to write a professional resume and they did.The only trick is that after you pay online they will charge you month after month after month until you stop it through the bank.

There is no phone on the web site. The only way to contact them is if you wanna discuss your resume through e-mail exchange. Cant contact them about financial issues. When you realize something is wrong you already overpaid for you resume.

When I realized something is wrong I already paid $ 360.I'm sure that wasn't the price I signed up for.



That pretty much sums it up about Jobfox.

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